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Society of Scientific Illustrators

The blog of SCAD's Society of Scientific Illustrators. Featuring club events, members' work, and other relevant information.
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Posts tagged logo contest

Oct 6 '12

More about logos

Sorry for the double update, but I just want to reiterate these things regarding the logo contest.

IF YOU ARE SUBMITTING A LOGO (taken mostly from the ICC blog):

  • Is the logo clear? Can people identify it as symbolizing our club?
  • Can it be used equally well on our club blog and on fliers or other advertisements?
  • Does it represent our club’s mission and values?
  • Does it represent the mission and values of SCAD?
  • If you are considering using the SCAD logo, it is vital that you submit the proposed logo to the ICC adviser before using the logo (the officers will do this, but please keep it in mind).
  • Please take care to encompass more than one aspect of Scientific Illustration.

Please submit your design by e-mail to before the morning of October 12th. This is so that the officers might have a chance to compile a digital folder of all the submissions for your viewing pleasure. If possible, please have it be a vector file (better for graphic design purposes), or at least a raster file of decent size (and also of decent print quality, i.e. 300 dpi or greater).

If you don’t make something I’m sure our faculty adviser will be more than happy to take up the challenge and do something crazy and Hudsonlike. Dinosaurs, space and shit, y’all.

Oct 1 '12

Logo contest & mailing list.

At our meeting this past Friday we mentioned that we are holding a logo contest. Submissions should look good in both black&white and color, reflect the breadth of our club’s interests (by which I mean: keep in mind we’re not just about paleo art or just about botanical art or what-have-you, regardless of your personal focus), and most importantly should contain both “Society of Scientific Illustrators” and “SCAD” somewhere in the design. Submit your design by email ( before our October 12th meeting so we can chose the best one. Files submitted should be print quality.

Not yet sure how the final design will be chosen. Possibly there will be voting involved, because everyone loves democracy.


In other news, I just sent out a mass email to all those whose email addresses I have on The List. If you didn’t get said email and wish to, email us at the aforementioned address with your SCAD email to be added to The List.