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Society of Scientific Illustrators

The blog of SCAD's Society of Scientific Illustrators. Featuring club events, members' work, and other relevant information.
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Oct 6 '12

For those who missed us yesterday…

Here’s a brief recap of events and a rough idea of what is to come!

  • Pricing regarding Scuba certification is currently being discussed. The approximate cost right now, per person, is roughly 210 USD. We are looking into hotels and/or campgrounds, so expect this price to rise anywhere from a tad to a lot. I will send out a separate e-mail with all of the various components before the next meeting, so that we may decide upon dates. Also, I am researching the legality of this with SCAD… 
  • Don’t forget! The deadline for our logo contest is this coming Friday! Please submit, the officers would really rather not be forced to use their own artwork. If you have questions regarding this, wish for critique, or anything else, please email One of the officers will get back to you as soon as possible. 
  • We have a (tentative) date for our favorite medical illustrator and SCAD illustration professor, John Foerster, to come speak to you. Topics will most definitely include Medical Illustration, and perhaps some of the inner workings of the Illustration industry itself and how to handle all those nasty copyright, financial, and communication issues you may be faced with. This is currently set for Friday the 26th, but if this changes due to our Scuba plans you will be updated.
  • Professor Hudson gave us a wonderful (and quite humorous) lecture about some of the history of Scientific Illustration, a glimpse into the fossil-unearthing adventure he had this summer, and a strange interpretation of the theory of relativity as applied to Picasso’s mother using a classroom stool and the floor. I’m sorry you missed it. It was fantastic.

And that was about it! Next week we are having a Post-Midterm Party. That is to say, Jurassic Park and pizza. Depending on how the ICC feels, we may even have a popcorn machine too. Expect another post on that soon.